Behavioral & Environmental Factors

The previous couple of decades have brought way of life changes all through the world that have brought about youngsters having decreased physical movement and expanded caloric admission. The measure of time that youngsters spend playing outside has lessened amid the previous couple of decades and physical training, nourishment instruction programs in schools have been diminished or killed. Carrying on with an inactive way of life, kids are investing more energy sitting in front of the TV and playing on PCs than working out. Both physical movement and sustenance centered intercessions are as of now set up in numerous elementary schools. Self-observing, expanding sports and physical action are few of the mental and conduct change systems to treat the sickness of weight either alone or in conjunction with different medications. 

  • Obesity and Short Sleep Duration
  • Psychological aspects of childhood obesity
  • Developmental Changes in Energy Expenditure
  • Eating Behaviors among Weight-Discordant Siblings
  • Individual Differences in Children’s Susceptibility to Overeating
  • Behaviour Modification & Physical Activity to Prevent Childhood Obesity
  • Role of Gene-Environment Interactions in Obesity
  • Environmental Influences on Intake and Obesity
  • Grandparental and Parental Influences on Childhood Obesity
  • Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle: Television Watching and Sit Time
  • Use of Environment, Transportation & Land - To Prevent Early Adipose

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